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Welcome to Herbcures web site. We have been helping and treating patients since 2003, and established ourselves to be friendly, helpful and caring – we provide free, honest, professional advice and consultation. And our care and dedication has made us very successful with our patients.

All our doctors are qualified with B.S.c or above in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). And all have over 5 years experience in treating patients in top hospitals in China.

We can treat (and also help reduce discomfort) of a wide range of illnesses.
Here is a short list of illnesses that we can treat:

  * Acne
* Anorexia
* Anxiety
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Back pain
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Cold & flu
* Depression
* Diabetes
* Dizziness
* Eczema
* Fungal infections
* Hair loss
* Hay fever
* Headache & Migraine
* Herpes
* High blood pressure
* Indigestion
* Infertility
* Impotence
* Joint problem
* Stiff neck
* Smoking (stop smoking)
* Sport Injury
* Sprain
* Stress
* Pain relief
* Premature ejaculation
* PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
* Tennis Elbow
* Menopause symptoms

Our consultation is absolutely free with no obligation at all. We give free advice and consultation to all that visit us. We will also discuss our existing customers progress and offer further advice regarding their treatment course on every visit for no extra cost.

If you think that Chinese medicine could help you, but you feel uncertain about committing to having treatments, just give us a call or visit us for our free professional advice. Why not email us at info@herbcures.co.uk for further information.

We also sell a wide range of oriental gifts, which are ideal for birthday, Christmas etc. Our authentic Chinese gifts range from oriental jade jewellery to beautiful decorated hand painted vases , which are all reasonable priced. And we also stock a various selection of authentic Chinese green tea for serious tea drinkers.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and patient care. Remember, our consultation is free, and all professional advice and treatments are only given by our highly qualified doctor.

So why not give us a call or visit our clinic for more information about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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